Microcasa is a construction company that aims to combine innovation and sustainability in a single work. Regarding the materiality, the walls are manufactured made of concrete with thermo acoustic technology, providing comfort: a house cool in the summer and heated in the winter.

There are three models of sustainable house: the Microcasa 20 - studio house, with one bedroom, ideal for students, travelers and people living alone; the Microcasa 40 - cozy house with two bedrooms and different floor plan: a american kitchen and a large outdoor balcony; and the Microcasa 60 - totally secluded private area, three bedrooms, one suite and a american kitchen.

For the prototype, Microcasa 40 was built quickly, with the participation of many suppliers of sustainable products, including Ecoplate Pisos. For the outdoor garage area were proposed the Pi 250 in the colors gray and ceramic, while the P330 was installed throughout the landscaped garden at the right of the garage.

In addition, Microcasa brings preservation to the environment through rainwater harvesting, filtering and reuse in several areas of the house, along with photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the house, generating clean and economical energy. Supplementary, there is the opportunity for micro-generation of energy, in which excess energy can return in credits.