The FECONATI (Feira da Construção Atibaia), which is performed by the Perfil Group, took place from 28 to May 31, 2015. It was during this event that we launched the Pi 250, our interlocking, permeable and no-slip floor. Ideal for sidewalks, playgrounds, parks, walking areas and fellowship, among others. This presents maximum resistance of 60t/m², supporting therefore an average traffic.

The interesting thing about this event was that we could install our products in the landscape. The Pi 250 was applied on the deck of access to the internal area of the fair and the P330 on the parking lot. Thus, it was possible that participants could see our floors functioning, once, rained all those fair days. So, they checked the impact of pedestrians and vehicles and the drainage and floor permeability, because our stand was the only one that not flooded.